Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally, own designs!

After lots of knitting and frogging, I successfully knit three baby cardigans, two set-in sleeves and one raglan. Hurray!

That was fun-filled winter. To add to the delight, a lovely friend of mine from Germany brought me sock wool and cotton yarn! I was so excited and began a sock project for her husband. Since his feet was extra large, I had to do a custom design, but when I reached the heel, I got distracted with some other work and put the project down.
(The socks being converted to pullover)
I was reminded of it a month later and I totally forgot how to proceed! I know, disaster right? Since I didn't follow any pattern I had no other option but to frog it all. I wasn't enthusiastic on doing the socks again. I was reminded of the cardigan that I designed months before which I never wrote down. So, I decided to knit a pullover for my nephew for the coming winter with the sock yarn as well as write the pattern down. Though it's horribly hot here, the heat couldn't put off the fire in me. I began on the pullover and this time I am writing down the pattern. I hope to publish the pattern soon - in a few days. This one is for a two-year old. When completed, I'll also try to write the same pattern for other baby sizes too. Wish me luck!

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