Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy 2011

Hello everyone,
First of all I apologize for not posting anything for long... As the title says, 2011 has been a crazy year. Many things happened, good or bad.
When it concerns knitting, I learn really lot. The fluorescent colored cardigan and the brown one in the previous post were a failure. The brown one is lying in a corner as a huge ball and the fluorescent one's gonna follow soon.
Anyways, about projects that were effective, I knitted a scarf for my sister's friend in Germany which my nephew was sweet enough to model for.
I knitted a vest for my nephew with acrylic yarn which came out okay. It was the first ever garment that I designed myself.
I love doing cables and had to make something for my nephew for the winter, so I came up with this. I wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome, but it came out okay. I learnt a really lot about designing garments while making this one. Especially, the top down sleeve - it looks so great, instead to knitting sleeve separately and joining it.
Always wanting to try a top down design, I tried this beautiful design from f.pea's blog. It's a clever design but I wasn't satisfied with the overall look when I was done with it.
It got me really hooked up and I started learning about top down designs and I made another sweater for my nephew and a smaller version for a friend of mine who gave birth to a lovely baby girl last month and am also working on a ribbed bonnet (not my own design - it's from Garnstudio). Will post the pictures of both once I'm done with the bonnet.
I'll also post the pattern for the sweater soon. Hope I start posting regularly. Wish me luck.

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Skeeter said...

Looking Good and your model is looking so handsome!

Good Luck!