Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Week Sweater Knitting Challenge - Penultimate Day

Well, it's almost clear that I am not going to be able to complete this challenge within the time but let me see how long it extends. Here's what I have completed till now. I have at least 3 more inches to go, plus the border, aaaaaand the sleeves.
As if this challenge wasn't enough I was tempted to introduced a teenie cable pattern at the back. I recently learned to do this closed cable after what seemed like ages. I've been trying to do this closed cable for long, but I just couldn't get the M1, M3, M1 (M3 is the make three stitch thingy - can't remember the abbreviation for that). I realized that I was knitting too tight (the reason why I developed shoulder pain) that making this 5 stitch increase from 1 stitch was almost impossible.
Every time, I'd somehow manage to do the M1, M3, but the next M1 seems almost not possible. Recently I started a new scarf and tried the closed cable again and this time I was successful at it. I was so excited that I just had to try that in a real project so I did. As my blog title suggests, I just LOVE cables. If it were possible, I'd love to just knit cables all over a sweater. In fact that'd be my next project. I am already working on my own cable pattern swatch and hopefully, I start that soon. Wish me luck again. Hope this Lazy Knitter shrugs off his laziness some while the winter lasts.

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